Score 18 Chicagoland's newest Indoor Golf Facility


Score 18 Indoor Golf
Chicagoland's Newest Indoor Golf Facility

Score 18 Indoor Golf at Naperville Illinois

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Improve your golf game at Score 18 Indoor Golf

At Score18 Indoor Golf the weather is always perfect.
Our facility features six simulators with 85 world famous courses
At Score 18 Indoor Golf We're serious about your game
We're serious about your game.

Golf simulators are not video games but computer-run facilities that demand real clubs and real effort. The ball is aimed at a heavy vinyl screen showing a golf course, one shot at a time. Sensors measure the angle, the force and striking point of the club to the ball to give you real feedback to IMPROVE YOUR GOLF GAME!

Advanced Camera System Tracking for ball trajectory
Separate Putting Tracking Sensor System
With each stroke you can see the exact distance, trajectory and launch speed.

You can review a diagram on the Score 18 "tablet" or hitting screen showing the club head's position through impact. Whether you're just starting or are a seasoned golfer, this level of instant feedback is an invaluable tool for improving your swing.


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Score 18 Indoor Golf at Naperville Illinois